Should I see an ENT doctor or an audiologist for tinnitus?

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If you are experiencing tinnitus, both an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) doctor and an audiologist can be helpful in determining the cause of your tinnitus and providing appropriate treatment options.

An ENT doctor can examine your ears, nose, and throat to determine if there is a physical cause of your tinnitus, such as an ear infection, earwax buildup, or a structural abnormality. They may also order additional tests, such as a hearing test or imaging tests, to determine the cause of your tinnitus. Generally speaking, ENT doctors are looking for any physical cause that can be remedied by surgery or medication.

An audiologist can perform a hearing test to determine if hearing loss is contributing to your tinnitus. They may also recommend treatments such as sound therapy, hearing aids, cognitive behavioural therapy, and mindfulness to help manage your tinnitus symptoms. An audiologist who specialises in tinnitus can help provide these treatments.

There are certain symptoms which indicate that an individual should see an ENT doctor first. Get in contact with us to determine which pathway would be recommended for you.

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